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Flood Restoration

* Even small amounts of moisture left on carpets and within the structure of the home can lead to dangerous health problems and mold in the structure. Treating floods on your own without the proper drying and mositure detection equipment can cause long term health risks caused by the mildew and mold infiltration.

The Flood Restoration Process:

* First, the technician introduces himself and inspects the flood area, using special moisture detection equipment.
* Then, he will measure the area, write down if the padding, carpet, or existing floor needs to be cleaned or replaced, along with the machines needed to dry the area.
* Then, an estimate can be delivered at this time, including the cost of the equipment that might need to be used, the days to return for additional work or inspection, as well as any additional costs of new carpet or padding, and labor..
* It usually takes 3-5 days for the area to dry completely using dehumidifiers, and/ or blowers, and disinfectant.
* The technician can usually replace the padding and carpet once the area is completely dry, and the restoration should be complete at that time.

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