Carpet/ Rug/ Upholstery Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

* We provide truck mounted or portable machines to steam clean carpets, upholstery, and rugs. We prefer to use the truck-mounted system mostly because it is the toughest on stains and more powerful than a portable machine. However, our portable machines provide just as much reliability, especially for the apartment or high rise buildings in which they are necessary.

* Upholstery Cleaning is done with the same machines, but using a smaller wand, and pre-treating the furniture first. Since the machines we use extract dirt under high heat, the furniture is nearly dry in a couple hours.

* Rug cleaning is done at our company site. We offer free pick up and delivery of rugs, and we deliver within 7-10 business days.

Tips on Preparing for Cleaning:

* Please remove any small items from carpet/ rug, such as clothes, toys, magazines, and fragile items.

* The steam cleaning can be done around the furniture, or the technician can use sliders and move the furniture for you.

* Children and pets should be supervised and kept away from the cleaning areas. Even though we use environmentally friendly chemicals, we do not want pets or children to walk on the carpets while they are being treated or drying.

* We also put plastic blocks under the legs of movable furniture to prevent the furniture from bleeding into the carpet. The plastic blocks can then be removed once the carpet is dry, which is about 3 hours.

* The whole process takes about 1-2 hours of cleaning, with an additional 3 hours of drying. Please make sure to allow time for this process and to schedule activities appropriately.


* We offer patching, re-stretching, retacking, seaming, gluing, and binding, of carpets and rugs. Most of these jobs can be done on a quick turn around rate. If the price is right, we can do the job right there, without the hassle of rescheduling another appointment. We can repair plush, indoor/outdoor carpet, synthetic, natural fibers, berber, wool, cut and loop, sisal, and other popular carpet styles. We also can fix Oriental, Navajo, machine made, or other handmade rugs as well.

* If possible, we suggest finding remnants of the carpet that needs to be repaired so that we can match it exactly to the repair area. If this is not possible, we can bring samples of carpet to match the existing carpet.

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